Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program

We are mindful that the mitigating measures for the current public health emergency have disrupted our normal access to  non-essential health services (such as wellness visits). We will continue to monitor developments and keep you informed should there be any program changes.The situation continues to evolve and we appreciate your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times together. 

While you're working remotely, we encourage you to complete the online steps of the premium discount program via your Healthy Miami Account:
  1. Online Tobacco-Free Certification (or register for telephonic tobacco cessation coaching with Impact Solutions Employee Assistance Program)
  2. Online Health Plan Provider Consent to allow Anthem to share your cancer screening and PCP well visit dates so you can have your point uploaded
  3. Online Personal Health Assessment can be completed as needed throughout the year as health habits vary
In addition to the many resources located on your Healthy Miami Account, we have added a content that provides additional wellness activities and/or information. Feel free to browse many resources within your Healthy Miami Account:
  1. COVID 19 Relief Kit (link to coronavirus, mental health, healthy eating, staying connected, active living from home info and resources)
  2. Complete an online wellness workshop (sleep, diabetes, nutrition, financial, etc)
  3. Review nutrition tab for recipes, food log, and meal plans or review exercise tab for exercise examples and plans

If you have any questions regarding the premium discount program and any of your Benefits & Wellness resources, please reach us at 513-529-3926 (Please leave voicemail with your name and ID so we can return your call) or email