2020 Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program Updates

Through Miami’s Premium Discount Program (PDP), participants who complete certain preventive health steps, can earn a discount on their future health insurance premiums. Relative to previous years, some details of the PDP have changed for this year in response to COVID-19. The following is a revised listing of PDP steps to fulfill the 2020 campaign:

2020 Premium Discount Program Steps How to Complete Each Step by 12/31/20 Status Update
Program Deadline was 
November 15
2020 Program Deadline is now December 31 Extended Period to Complete Steps
Annual Tobacco-Free Certification Complete the online Annual Tobacco-Free Certification located in your Healthy Miami Account

If you are using a tobacco product, you can still receive credit by completing tobacco cessation coaching or a virtual class (additional details are located on the  PDP website)
No Change
Due 12/31/20
Personal Health Assessment Complete your online Personal Health Assessment located in your Healthy Miami Account No Change
Due 12/31/20
Health Plan Consent form Complete your online Health Plan Consent form located in your Healthy Miami Account No Change
Due 12/31/20
Biometric Health Screening Complete your Biometric Health Screening (Schedule at the Miami Health Center or regional campuses through your Healthy Miami Account)

Or use the Alternate Biometric Screening form to submit lab work from your doctors office or independent lab
No Change
Enhanced schedule and updated form 
Due 12/31/20
Primary Care Physician (PCP) Wellness Visit Complete a PCP well visit (at your PCP office, The Little Clinic or through telehealth services) No Change
Expanded options
Due 12/31/20
Preventive Cancer Screenings
·       Breast
·       Cervical
·       Colon
Automatically Awarded for 2020 Change 
Steps waived

Expanded Options for PCP Wellness Visits for the PDP
A normal preventive office visit, called a well visit, is covered at 100% by the health plan. For 2020, Miami will also count wellness and routine visits at non-traditional locations for the PCP wellness visit step for the PDP. These non-traditional locations for routine visits include “Anthem’s LiveHealth Online” telehealth and Clinics at local retail stores. The Anthem provider finder can be useful in finding the place best for you. 

Preventive Cancer Screenings Waived
For the 2020 PDP campaign year, participants who are ordinarily due to complete a cancer screening step will receive an award for that screening (e.g. colon, breast, and cervical cancer) automatically in their Healthy Miami Account by July 31, 2020. You can still pursue those services, if you choose, and the health plan still provides 100% coverage for routine and preventive services.

Additional Information or Need Assistance?

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