Active Directory Standard: Naming Objects


This standard covers all objects that will be added to the Active Directory (AD) at Miami University.


To provide a consistent manner to identify the functional area responsible for a given object in the Active Directory, and to prevent collisions between objects in different organizational units (OUs).

IT Standard

A. Naming prefixes

All objects created in the AD by any process other than the AcctGen process will have a prefix from Directory Services Prefix list, followed by a dash, in front of the object name. Department codes will be 3 characters long, and Division codes will be 4 characters long. Object names may contain one or more dashes. Objects created before this standard came into effect do not need to be modified to conform to these standards.

Any requests to create a new prefix, or to modify an existing prefix, need approval from the Directory Services group. The Directory Services Prefix list (requires Two-Factor Authentication) will be maintained online by IT Services.

B. Objects to be exempted

The following objects are exempted from the naming prefix requirement:

  • Organizational Units (OUs)
  • Object attributes
  • Accounts or Groups that are required in order for a specific application to function
  • Objects created by the AcctGen process

For any exempted object that was not created by AcctGen, documentation of the object must be submitted to the Directory Services group and a detailed description of the object must be embedded in the object’s metadata. Names of exempted objects may contain one or more dashes.

C. Short names

The short name of an object cannot contain any space characters.

D. Exceptions

Any exceptions to this standard require approval from the Information Security Officer before they are implemented.

E. Review

This standard will be reviewed by the Directory Services group on an annual basis.

Approval(s) and Date(s)

Reviewed by: Directory Services Group

Final Approval by: IT Services Leadership Team

Final Approval on: February 2, 2009

Version number: 1.0

Revision History & References

A. Revision History

January 30, 2009: First Draft

November 6, 2009: Revised Naming prefixes

April 10, 2017: Updated