IT Services Operations

Core 2019 Initiatives

  • Coordinate Regular Linux Patching
  • Refreshed core datacenter systems including virtualization servers and storage, providing a stable infrastructure for the next 5+ years
  • 100 Gigabit redundant network infrastructure built out, future-proofing our internet connectivity

Future Core Initiatives

  • IT Governance
  • Campus-wide Data Governance
  • Addition of a Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Identity Management and Security

Planning for the Future

During the 4th quarter of 2019, IT Services began an internal initiative to evaluate the organizational design of the division. This process has some very unique parameters:

  • Internally driven, with a team selected by the Leadership Team (LT) to provide broad representation
  • No LT members are part of the working group and a very limited number of managers
  • Working group is tasked with providing one (or more) designs that address current and future needs
  • The working group is entering a data-gathering stage with campus partners, outside peer
    organizations, as well as best practices and research

The goal is to have a design we can then leverage by the 2nd quarter of 2020. The team's work can be tracked via the IT Services Organizational Design Team blog.

IT Services Strategic Planning

Assess Plan Deliver Reassessments
Assess Miami’s current IT needs, including short term, mid-term, and long term strategic direction. Involve central and campus IT staff, and partners from across campus. Plan projects and programs to deliver strategic objectives as well as short term wins. Deliver in partnership
with campus divisions, IT and other organizations.
Measure success and
ensure timely completion
of efforts while adjusting
to new needs and campus changes.
Re-assess strategic plan on a recurring basis to ensure that it continues to appropriately meet campus needs.


Strategic Areas

Partnership Become a strategic partner for the campus to ensure we are involved early and in step with campus divisions.
Governance Campus strategic governance paired with existing tactical governance methods to prioritize and oversee IT efforts.
Data Shared, governed, accessible data and the tools, training, and support to make it useful.
Cloud Implement a "Cloud Appropriate" plan to move Miami services to the cloud where and when it makes sense.
Infrastructure Maintain a highly reliable infrastructure with an appropriate funding and support model.
How we do work Architecture, business analysis, people change management, automation, quality assurance, skills
Efficiency Work with campus partners to identify efficiencies for the campus through shared services, appropriate consolidation, and retiring services.

Strategic Plan: Current Key Items

Short Term (12-18 months)

  • Cloud appropriate strategy
  • Strategic IT Governance
  • Helpdesk optimization
  • IT organizational design
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Budget planning for network and datacenter ongoing CR&R budgets
  • Focus on service ownership and management

Mid Term (18-38 months)

  • Data governance and shared data resources
  • Identity management program
  • Security: NIST 800-171 implementation for campus
  • Begin CAPEX to OPEX moves for cloud
  • Focus on architecture and business analysis as a discipline
  • Focus on people change management

Long Term (36+ months)

  • Enterprise CRM
  • Next-generation ERP assessment
  • Consolidated data access platform and skills
  • Many services in the cloud
  • Code-defined infrastructure
  • Broad campus partnerships
  • Deploy limited refresh of on-site datacenter infrastructure