Why is NetDisk going away?

Simply put: information security.

The more complex answer has to do with the actual programming language (PHP) that was employed to write NetDisk. Miami has written many applications in the popular and flexible PHP programming language over the years. As an open source language, it is maintained by the worldwide community of PHP developers.

As with all things technology, when new versions become available, the community slowly stops supporting older versions. As it happens, NetDisk was written in an older version of PHP.

Applications written in unsupported versions of PHP may have security issues that will not be fixed by the community. Thus, from an information security perspective, there is some risk associated with allowing applications like this to operate.

If unfixable security issues are identified, we have to shut off the application, or at least block it from the internet. When it comes to applications like NetDisk, however, the option of blocking it from the internet is untenable. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that decommissioning the site is the best course of action from a security perspective.

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