Miami provides a survey tool, Qualtrics, for use at no cost by Miami faculty, staff, and students. Users can create and distribute their own surveys and gather information in support of the university's educational mission and organizational goals. Qualtrics has been reviewed by Miami's security team and approved for conducting surveys at Miami.

The first three steps to getting started with Qualtrics are:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Determining if your survey requires approval
  3. Learning how to use the survey tool

Creating An Account

If you do not currently have an account for Miami's Qualtrics tool, one will be generated for you automatically the first time you log in. Faculty and staff can request a Qualtrics account for a graduate student, a student employee or faculty may elect to request student accounts for a class project. Please visit the Request Sponsored Student Qualtrics Account page for more information.

By clicking the log in link, you certify that you understand and agree to the terms of use for Miami's survey tool.

Log in to Qualtrics

Does Your Survey Require Approval?

Miami University is committed to ensuring that all human subjects research is conducted in accordance with the basic ethical principles widely adopted by professional societies and as prescribed in federal regulations. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Research Compliance Office (RCO) at Miami are charged by the President of the University with oversight of human subjects research. The IRB or, if regulations allow, the RCO must approve of research methods through an application and review process prior to any contact with potential subjects.

For more information, visit the Research Compliance-IRB website.

Learning How to Use the Survey Tool

Information about creating and distributing a survey may be found at the Qualtrics support site, Qualtrics University, and in the IT Services Knowledge Base.


You may contact Qualtrics directly:

Email: support@qualtrics.com

Phone: 800 340-9194

Note: When you contact Qualtrics support, you may be asked: “Can I get your username and permission to log in to your account?” Qualtrics is not asking for your password—just permission to use their administrative access to look at the account.