Competitive Process Proposals (FY20)

Here you will find a list of all the project proposals that were accepted and the amount funded for each. More details can be found by exploring each proposal.

For more information about proposals that weren't funded or to view previous years' project proposals, please email

College of Arts and Science Proposals

College of Creative Arts Proposals

Motion Capture System for Live Performances in Real-Time Environments

Requestor: Matthew Board

Amount: $30,000

Digital Pianos to Enhance Student Learning

Requestor: Siok Lian Tan

Amount: $59,822

College of Engineering and Computing Proposals

College of Education, Health, and Society Proposals

Monitoring and Diagnosing Metabolic Health with Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Requestor: Paul T. Reidy, Ph.D.

Amount: $13,654

Technology to Assess Muscle and Cerebral Oxygenation Non-invasively

Requestor: Randal Claytor and Ronald Cox

Amount: $19,068.50

Farmer School of Business Proposals

Purchase Stata License for Redhawk Computing Cluster

Requestor: Charles Moul

Amount: $2,595

Diversity and Inclusion Training through Virtual Reality

Requestor: Gillian Oakenfull

Amount: $55,989.90

Miami University Libraries Proposals

Creation and Innovation in King Library

Requestor: Sarah Nagle

Amount: $45,000

Adaptive Technology for Checkout

Requestor: Katie Gibson

Amount: $6,100

Proposals Affiliated with Other Departments

Lightboard and Video Tools

Requestor: Ryan Baltrip

Amount: $19,000

Student Affairs Proposals

There are no proposals this year