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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life
Let's take a look at some strategies for organizing physical and digital files this spring.
Notice: Laravel applications getting back-end upgrades this year
Beginning in January, IT Services has been working to upgrade all Laravel applications to use newer versions of PHP and the Laravel framework.
Upcoming work: Moving Banner applications to new hosts
IT Services will be migrating some Banner applications to new hosts.
Travel Tech: Spring Break 2023 Edition
Some fun and useful ways that technology helps improve vacations and streamlines your experience while youÂ’re away from Miami.
Upcoming maintenance: Production Oracle patching scheduled for March 24
Friday, March 24, IT Services will be installing a patch to the production Oracle grid infrastructure.
Important Update: Changes coming to Google storage
Due to new restrictions from Google, we will be implementing storage quotas on all Miami accounts.
Update on LastPass breach and recommendations
Months ago, LastPass password management tool suffered a breach that involves user data. The Information Security Office is aware of this situation and is thus making several immediate recommendations.
Miami Data Summit scheduled for March 16
The next Data Summit will take place on Thursday, March 16, from 1:15 - 4:30 p.m., with the theme Miami Data Madness.
New subject line warning on emails to begin January 30
Starting on January 30, IT Services will be implementing a new compliance rule in Google that will tag the subject line of incoming emails sent from a email address that fails the DMARC compliance check.