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Google updates: Summer edition
This week, we are announcing a couple important updates coming straight to us from Google.
New form by Technology Inclusivity Committee seeks to identify barriers
Inclusivity and equity are top-level priorities for Miami University, and the Technology Inclusivity Program is seeking to address challenges.
IT Services Diversity Film Fest: Feeling Through
The IT Services Diversity Committee invites the Miami community to join us for a discussion of the film Feeling Through.
Welcome back: Summertime IT reminders
Reminders about the web conferencing platforms and technology you will most likely continue to use as Miami gets back to normal
To think: In such a place, I had such a career!
After 33 years working for IT Services at Miami, Dan Johnson is retiring, and IT will never be the same!
Upcoming change: WordPress ( moving to hosted solution
IT Services is getting ready to move the WordPress environment to a hosted environment -- in other words, the cloud.
Techsplaining 101: Special Account Types
Much-awaited return to our blog series: Techsplaining 101. For this edition of our informative series, we'll be talking about account types.
Please Continue to be Vigilant with Cyber Security
Scams can come in all shapes and sizes, but here are some we wanted to make you aware of.
Reaching new heights with accessibility specialist Nick Laes
When it comes to making sure campus technology follows accessibility guidelines, it takes a team of dedicated people. AccessMU is that team -- and Nick Laes is one of those people.