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Don't get spooked by cybercrime: 5 quick tips for a cybersecure Halloween
Let's a look at how you can be even more cybersecure -- this month and all months that follow!
Keep it up! Be Cyber-aware This October
As National Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues, we wanted to take a minute and recap some of our best practices for being more "cyber-aware" in your day-to-day life.
NCSAM Special Edition: Ransomware 101
What is ransomware? LetÂ’s take a step back and define some key terms and important concepts for this special edition of NCSAM news.
Data, Departments, and Directing: Let's meet David Schaefer
When it comes to data and how Miami uses it, no one is better suited to telling its story than David Schaefer.
Sneak Preview: Cybersecurity Awareness Month!
Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect in October from IT Services and the Information Security Office.
Techsplaining 101: Big data and business intelligence
Let's take a look at some of the key characteristics of "big data" and business intelligence, then dive into how data is used at Miami.
IT Services, University partners celebrate CIO 100 win
Brian Henebry accepted the Top CIO 100 award that was given to a team of IT staff and University partners.
Tech Fee call for proposals is underway
Since 2009, Miami faculty, staff, and students have developed innovative and exciting projects with over $6 million of awarded funds. This year the application period began on August 15.
Aiding the University: Ricki Davidge, Technology Support Services
Ricki Davidge is the leader of the Technology Support Services team. Let's meet her!