Data Summit Schedule

Spring 2024

Welcome and keynote

1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

126/128 McVey

Dennis Kettler

Dennis will draw from his deep experience in data and analytics strategy to describe how to "uncover value in data", the theme of this Data Summit. He has found that understanding data and bridging data sources lead to new insights. Organizations can uncover new directions when looking at a comprehensive picture of its operations.

2:45 - 3:30 p.m.

Prompt Engineering with LLMs

166 McVey

Dave Scoville

Unlock the Power of Language Models! Join our workshop on Prompt Engineering and dive into the fascinating world of Large Language Models (LLMs). Learn the art of crafting prompts that yield precise and meaningful responses from these advanced models. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned language enthusiast, this workshop is for you. Explore the nuances of prompt design, understand model capabilities, and discover strategies to fine-tune prompts for various tasks.

Improving Your Data Visuals Using Excel Chloropleths

168 McVey

C. Lane Mayer

This breakout will give you experience with developing choropleths (i.e., representations of data using maps) in Excel. We will explain what choropleths are and when they are useful. Then we will discuss some proven practices to consider when using choropleths and demonstrate how they can be created. Finally, you will get hands-on experience creating choropleths on your own.

Tableau in Production @ Miami

128 McVey

Daryl Wright, Jennifer Pollin, and Oliver Davis

A panel of Tableau developers at Miami give brief demonstrations of production dashboards. Panelists will cover key points such as data sources, audience, collaboration with stakeholders, and user access. Each dashboard demo will be relatively short, with plenty of time for attendees to ask questions. What you can learn from this session: 1. Understand ways that Tableau is being used at Miami; 2. Develop strategies to deliver analytical insights by implementing Tableau in your department.

Roundtable: Facilitating Data-Informed Decision Making at the Unit Level

165 McVey

Facilitated by Steven Graunke

This session will feature Miami data analysts discussing the challenges and opportunities with using data to inform decisions within individual divisions at Miami University. Topics will include key questions from Academic Deans and other decision makers, the use of specific data sources and tools to facilitate success, coordinating on best practices for using data at Miami, and what colleagues with university wide roles can do support their work. There will also be time for comments and questions from audience participants.

3:45 - 4:30 p.m.

Tableau and Geographic Data

128 McVey

Oliver Davis and Daryl Wright

Explore Tableau's geospatial prowess in this presentation, highlighting two dynamic methods. The first employs the radius tool, seamlessly mapping zip codes and drawing radii for precise analysis. The second method integrates zip code lat-long data, leveraging Tableau's 'Distance' and 'Makepoint' for advanced filters like "Distance from Miami University." Uncover the power of geospatial insights for data-driven decisions.

Beyond the "Reactions": Using Qualitative Data in Social Media

166 McVey

Courtney O'Banion

Look beyond the standard engagement metrics on social media. From this presentation, attendees should have a better understanding about the importance and opportunities of qualitative social media data.

Information Security Approval Matrix (ISAM)

168 McVey

Tony Kinne and Jake Harrison

Approval authority can be extremely complex. Information security offices are asked daily to view, gather, investigate, retrieve, export, forward, disable, enable, provision, deprovision, delegate, create, remove, block, allow, playback, hide, or redact all kinds of information, accounts, devices, networks, files, applications, email, calendars, video, phones, and door access. The office of authority to approve these actions varies based on the type and sensitivity of the data involved.