Canvas Bypass Tool

The CAS Authentication Tools application was created to make giving timed exams in Canvas easier for instructors at Duo-protected Miami. In order to ensure each student is provided the same opportunity when taking a timed exam through Canvas, this app gives instructors the ability to turn off Duo for Canvas.

This will alleviate a few possible scenarios:

  • The student has forgotten their Duo-enrolled device and can’t authenticate.
  • The student’s Duo-enrolled device has no battery.
  • The student is otherwise unable to use Duo or is having trouble doing so.

It is highly recommended that instructors go in and create bypasses for their classes for exam dates. The app makes it easy to do so!

Access the CAS Authentication Tools application from your Canvas dashboard, or search for it in the QuickLinks menu in myMiami. You can also visit the site directly:

Access CAS Authentication Tools

For instructions and more information, please visit the IT Services Knowledge Base.


Important Notes

1. The Canvas bypass ability is ONLY for bypassing Duo to log in to Canvas. Other Miami applications will still prompt for Duo when a student is bypassed.

2. Instructors can begin to schedule bypasses three (3) days before the semester starts.

3. Multiple bypasses can be scheduled at once, students can be bypassed for more than one day at a time, and entire date ranges can be selected and bypassed.

Other scenarios for using the Canvas bypass ability

Rinella Learning Center

Folks from the Rinella Learning Center and select groups across campus are able to bypass students irrespective of what classes they are registered for. Thus, students seeking accommodations and those who take exams at the RLC will be able to be bypassed from needing Duo in Canvas on those days.

Studying Abroad

Instructors who will be taking a class abroad for shorter periods (1-2 weeks) may choose to exempt students for the entire time they will be out of the country. This will only affect students’ ability to get into Canvas, but will alleviate the question of whether or not students will be able to access course materials and exams while in a different country.

Attention: This does NOT mean students are required to use an extra authentication step beyond Duo to get into Canvas. The app bypasses students from needing Duo to log in to Canvas. We created the app to negate the possibility of a student being unable to use Duo and thus unable to take quizzes.