Introducing: CYBERMANIA

This October, join Miami IT Services in a friendly competition with Ohio University to see who can be the most “cybersecure!”

Staying vigilant in our online lives is incredibly important, and every October, we take time to recognize the need to treat online security with the same diligence and sincerity as we do our physical security. This year, we are trying something new… We threw down the gauntlet with the folks at Ohio University to determine which school has the most knowledge about cybersecurity. We’re calling it: CyberMania!

CyberMania is a true test of the Miami community… Can we beat Ohio University? Can we show them that we care more deeply about the protection of our data and, importantly, know exactly how to determine what a phishing email looks like?

CyberMania Logo - Miami University vs. Ohio University

Congrats, Redhawks! We won!


Miami: 1,514

Ohio: 1,324