Rubrics for GMP Proposals

Wil Haygood presenting to a group of facilitators.


As part of our ongoing mission to provide consistent and transparent guidelines for student learning outcomes and assessment, the Office of Liberal Education, working with the Liberal Education Council and the University Assessment Council, has adapted several of the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics to help both students and faculty better understand our long-term goals for GMP courses, student success and university assessment.

Each rubric in our “Resources for Faculty” section should serve as a guide for incorporating assignments and activities that advance key student learning outcomes within courses meeting particular GMP requirements. The rubrics may serve as tools not only for measuring how well students meet learning outcomes, but also for helping faculty to prepare proposals and for LEC members to review proposals that meet certain GMP requirements.

Although all GMP courses should advance critical thinking and written communication, each course may promote these outcomes in various ways; and students may not always achieve all of the items noted in the rubrics for these two outcomes. Additionally, GMP courses may promote other learning outcomes beyond critical thinking and writing and that are specific to the goals of the course.

Rubrics also are available for courses meeting the Intercultural Perspectives, Global, and Experiential Learning requirements.

Syllabi for courses that meet GMP requirements should include a clear description of the outcomes being advanced.

Core Required Rubrics