Call for Facilitators

The success of the Summer Reading Program depends on the participation of current members of Miami University to serve as facilitators. As a companion to our announcement of the Summer Reading Book, we ask you to consider being a facilitator for this year’s summer reading. The summer reading has the potential to set a tone of achievement for the entire year.

While the facilitator will have broad latitude in the format of the sessions, we encourage the facilitators to focus on activities that require student input. A wide array of options will be shared over the summer and during the pre-convocation.

Sign Up as a Facilitator

To sign up as a facilitator, please complete this form.

If you prefer, you can email us at; inquiries can also come to this mailing address. Thank you for your continued commitment to the intellectual climate at Miami University.

Summer Reading Program Committee for 2017

Ricardo Averbach, Tresa Barlage Zianno, Laura Birkenhauer, Debbie Coleman, Corrinne Crawford, Paul DeWater, Dorothy Falke, Kelsey Forren, Susan Hurst, John Jeep, Ashley Johnson, Emily Medosch, Lindsay Miller, Mikayla Mitchell, Luis Pradanos-Garcia, Steven Sajkich, Julia Shepard, Callie Smith, Elizabeth Stoll Turton, Rich Taylor, Sarah Thacker, and Ruan Wright.

Committee Chairs—John Jeep and Susan Hurst