Miami Plan Petition

In some cases, students may take a course or courses that incorporate the Global Miami Plan principles but have not been approved as a Miami Plan Foundation, Thematic Sequence, or Senior Capstone courses. These may be courses transferred from another institution, study abroad experiences, or courses taken at Miami that have not received Miami Plan Foundation, Thematic Sequence, or Senior Capstone designation.

Students may submit a petition to the Office of Liberal Education in order to receive Miami Plan Foundation, Thematic Sequence, or Senior Capstone credit for such courses. Petitions are reviewed by the University Director of Liberal Education. Please complete the online Petition to Modify the Miami Plan Requirements. All components of the petition must be completed before it will be reviewed. Please allow 7-10 business days for the petition to be processed. A careful review of this website and the description and requirements of the Miami Plan that pertains to you may also be helpful in determining whether or not the course(s) you are petitioning fit the spirit of the Miami Plan.

Petition Checklist

These instructions are for students wishing to substitute a course (transfer or taken at Miami) in place of a course approved for the Global Miami Plan (before 2023).

What's the petition for?

  • Courses that can be petitioned include Foundation courses, Thematic Sequence courses, or Senior Capstones.  

  • For petitions regarding Self-Designed GMP Thematic Sequences (before 2023), please consult Designing a Thematic Sequence

  • For petitions regarding Self-Designed Senior Capstones, please consult Designing a Senior Capstone Experience.  

  • You must meet with an academic advisor in order to discuss and prepare your petition to modify Miami Plan requirements.


You must obtain the following to be uploaded as part of the proposal packet:

  1. Basic Information — Indicate the course number from your Degree Audit Report (DAR) that you would like to petition. Note: transfer courses that are not equivalent to an exact Miami course are listed on your DAR as “T” numbers (e.g. MTH T01 or HST T02); list them as such. Indicate how many total hours you are petitioning for substitution in the Miami Plan. Finally, check the box for the Miami Plan category (Foundation, Thematic Sequence, Capstone) you are petitioning. For course substitutions in Thematic Sequences, enter the sequence number (e.g. MTH2, SOC1, etc). You must have officially declared the sequence in order to petition a modification.

  2. Statement of Explanation—Upload a statement explaining a.) exactly what your petition request is and b.) why you feel this course meets the spirit of the Miami Plan and the four Pillars of Civic-Mindedness and Social Engagement, Communication & Expression, Collaboration & Innovation, and Critical & Integrative Thinking. For petitions concerning GMP Foundations (before 2023), please consult Foundation Descriptions

  3. Degree Audit Report—Upload a current DAR with your proposal. Please be sure to print the detailed version of your DAR that lists which courses are meeting requirements.

  4. Contact information for your Academic Advisor—You must discuss your petition with your academic advisor and receive their approval. We will send an authorization form to your advisor after you submit the proposal. You must provide the advisor's name, department, and Miami email address.

  5. Contact information for your Lead (Chief) Departmental Advisor—You must discuss your petition with the Lead (Chief) Departmental Advisor (LDA or CDA) in the area of the course you are petitioning. For a Thematic Sequence, the LDA/CDA of the department that houses the sequence should approve. We will send an authorization to the LDA/CDA after you submit the proposal. You must provide the advisor's name, department, and Miami email address. List of Lead (Chief) Departmental Advisors.

  6. Course Syllabus (Transfer Courses Only)—If you are petitioning a “T” number transfer course, a syllabus must be attached to your petition. A catalog course description is not sufficient. The LDA/CDA must review the syllabus before supporting your petition.

All components of the proposal must be turned in before it will be reviewed by the Director of Liberal Education.

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