Student Veterans GMP Portfolio Option


Miami University’s Office of Liberal Education offers the opportunity for Student Veterans to complete a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio toward waiving specific Global Miami Plan requirements.

If you were deployed overseas and believe that your time abroad contributed to a deepening of your understanding of your own culture as well as the cultures of people with whom you interacted, you may qualify for the portfolio option. So too, if you underwent extensive training or spent extended time in a new culture, you may qualify.

Even if you did not serve abroad, if you were involved in humanitarian or community service in the United States, you may be able to petition for successful completion of the Global Miami Plan Experiential Learning requirement.

Waiver Equivalencies

Global Miami Plan Foundation IIIB Global Perspectives (3 – 6 hours)

Intercultural Perspectives (3 hours)

Experiential Learning


A portfolio is a collection of information that has been accumulated about a learner’s experiences and accomplishments. Most portfolios contain descriptions of learning with supporting documentation to verify the knowledge or skills that the student declares to have, and should represent the equivalent of a Global Miami Plan Foundation requirement’s learning outcomes. A portfolio is a process by which prior learning experiences can be translated into educational outcomes and are documented and assessed for prior learning credit.


  1. Contact Dr. Elizabeth Hoover (, Associate Director of the Office of Liberal Education, prior to beginning the portfolio.

    At this meeting, working together, we will discuss what parts of the prior learning experience are relevant to the related course outcomes.

  1. You will then begin to provide examples and evidence of prior learning in the portfolio and explore the depth and breadth of learning required for the Global Miami Plan requirements you are seeking to waive.
  2. The director of the Office of Liberal Education, or an appropriate faculty member, then will evaluate your portfolio to determine if it meets the required accepted standards and determine its Global Miami Plan equivalency or equivalencies.