Bulk Automation Mail

Automated mail is a business tool that makes it possible to process large volumes of mail with relative ease and reduced cost. To ensure all mailings are properly billed for postage charges, all mailing agents using permit 6271 are required to include your department banner index code for postage charges on the customer reference ID line on the postage statement – If mailing agents do not, they will be taken off the Authorized Mail Agents list and will no longer be allowed to drop mailings on permit 6271.

Using United Mail

The Mail and Package Center has partnered with United Mail LLC, to provide departments with the capability to qualify their automated mailings for discount pricing. United Mail can provide all mailing services including folding, inserting, addressing, and mailpiece design. Once a mail job has been scheduled, the department sends the mail materials and address file to United Mail. From there, United Mail finishes the mail job by preparing the mailing and delivering materials to the Cincinnati Post Office.

Note: United Mail only picks up mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please be cognizant of these pickup times to ensure a delay is not incurred.

Follow these steps to start your automated mail job:

  1. Complete Request Form below

    United Mail Bulk Automation Request Form

  2. Send Address File

    Upload data file to United Mail Secure Site referencing the job number.

    1.  To set-up a new account, email Samantha Penson at spenson@united-mail.com with the contact name, email address, and department.
    2. United Mail will set-up your account and you will receive an email from Sharefile providing you with your temporary password.
    3. To upload a file, first, go to United Mail Sharefile and sign in. Your username will always be your email address. On your first login, you will be prompted to change your preferred password. When uploading a file there is a note section that you can add any specific instructions.
    4. Make sure to title your file with the United Mail job number.
    5. Once you upload a file a confirmation will be sent to you and a notification to Carrie Abner with United Mail Data Processing department.
  3. Send Mail Materials

    Please make sure you send enough mail materials for the entire mailing to avoid delays in processing.

    • If working with an off-campus printer, have all job materials delivered to United Mail, 1221 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati OH 45214.
    • If the materials are coming from Miami’s Oxford campus, mark all containers with the United Mail job number and deliver to Mail and Package Center for pickup by United at 2:30 p.m.
  4. Payment of Postage and Fees

    • United Mail will email invoices to requesting department for service charges.
    • Responsibility for review, approval, and payment of invoices resides with the department.
    • Postage charges will be billed separately (by Mail and Package Center) via interdepartmental transfer at the end of the month.
  5. Unused Mailing Materials

    You may choose to have leftover materials recycled or returned to you via UPS to your department address. UPS charges will be billed to the same banner index code as postage charges.

Using Other Mailing Agents/Vendors

If using a mailing agent other than United Mail, you must request that the mailing agent follows the guidelines below:

  • Include banner index code in the Customer Reference ID on the postage statement PS3602.
  • Email a copy of the postage statement to mailroom@miamioh.edu.

Postage charges will be billed separately by the Mail and Package Center via interdepartmental transfer at the end of the month.