Smart Locker System

In order to better accommodate students’ busy schedules and to improve the efficiency of processing nearly 1000 packages daily, the Mail and Package Center installed 2000 “smart technology” lockers which provide secure package pickup 24-hours a day at 113 Shriver Center.

How it Works

when a package arrives, the student receives an email or text message notifying them to pick up their package within 24 hours. The notification will inform the resident which locker bank kiosk (1–13) to pick up the package. 2)Identification: The student will then scan the barcode contained within the notification at the kiosk, or residents may choose to input the 4-digit security and 4-digit authentication codes. Either method will automatically open the locker containing the package. 3)Simply sign your name on the kiosk screen, retrieve your package, shut the door, and be on your way!

What happens if you can't pick up your package within 24 hours?

If the locker package is not picked up within 24 hours or if the package is oversize or requires refrigeration, the resident is notified to go directly to Mail and Package Center’s Customer Service Pickup Window during regular business hours to obtain their package. There, they scan their barcode or swipe their resident ID for the customer service staff to retrieve.

Packages are held for a total of 72 hours for pick-up. After 72 hours, the package is Returned To Sender (RTS) unless arrangements to hold the package are made in advance.

For added convenience, and to avoid RTS, when a resident is unable to pick up their package timely, they may simply forward their package notification email/text to a roommate or friend to pick-up the package for them. 

Helpful hints for using the Smart Lockers

What if I closed the locker door before I took my package out?

Your locker codes are active for 15 minutes after locker door is closed by user.

What if I lost my locker codes?

Lost locker codes can be reissued at Package Pickup Window.

What if my package is no longer held in the locker?

After 24 hours, your package is moved from the locker to the pickup window, where it will be held for an additional 48 hours.

What if my codes do not work?

Go to the pickup window for assistance.

Can a friend pick up my package from the locker if I give them my codes?


ADA Compliance

Student Disability Services and the Mail and Packaging Center have worked very hard to ensure accessible options are available to accommodate students with disabilities.

Accessibility Features:

  • Locker columns will have raised letters/numbers as well as braille signs so the student will know which row he/she is going to.
  • The kiosk screen in each locker bank is at ADA ATM level and will allow for instant scanning of bar codes received via email to ensure a user does not have to use the touch screen and can choose not to use the keypad.
  • Braille instructions and location of the scanner will be included on the lockers below the touch screen.
  • Voice direction of the lockers is anticipated for spring 2018 and is dependent upon the company.
  • Lockers within ADA height, called the comfort zone, are used to ensure the lockers are not too high or low for wheelchair access.
  • All U.S. Postal retail sales and package pickup services are available at an ADA compliant counter height for wheelchair access.
  • Elevators in Shriver are accessible and there are various accessible entrances into the building to access the location in which the lockers will be located.

Student Disability Services, Accessible Technology Services, and Mail and Package Center representatives have worked to finalize an equally effective alternative access plan for any out of the ordinary or necessary accommodations, such as staff assistance with package pickup and package delivery options.

If students encounter any disability-related accessibility issues, please contact Student Disability Services at 513-529-1541.