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Miami Tribe Relations

The partnership between Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma is more than a relationship. Like a fire, carefully tended over time, this connection has the power to illuminate a path towards a healthy future. Spanning more than four decades, this tribally-led, university-supported relationship continues to evolve with the Tribe’s needs.

Committed to Each Other

Grounded in the values of reciprocity, mutual respect, and learning from each other, Miami Tribe Relations exists to ensure the vitality of the Tribe and university.

a group of people gathered in a circle holding holding myaamia ribbon

We Collaborate Intentionally

Miami University recognizes the sovereignty of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. Our respect for each other fosters opportunities for the community to learn about this unique relationship.

two people examining corn stalks in oklahoma

We Acknowledge History

Our land acknowledgment reaffirms the Myaamia people’s deep connection to their homelands, where Miami University is located, and our commitment to each other.

a person looking at myaamia language writing on paper

We Support Myaamia Students

These Myaamia students are among the first generation in nearly 100 years to begin speaking their native language.

Together We Thrive

We’re achieving more together than we could alone. The work of the Myaamia Center is enhanced by collaboration with the university community, resulting in significant revitalization projects and more.


Myaamia students graduated from Miami University since 1991

1167% increase in Myaamia student enrollment since 1991


people use the Myaamia Dictionary App created by Miami University graduate students and the Myaamia language team


graduation rate for Myaamia students in the Myaamia Heritage program

compared to 53% before the launch of the program in 2003

myaamia students at a hockey game holding the game puck with the referee

The Miami Tribe Relations Office provides a support system for Myaamia students in the Myaamia Heritage Program. From coordinating trips, events, and guests to student mentoring and individual support, this office focuses on providing an enriching and successful Miami experience for each student in the program.

a parade of the miami community holding myaamia flags and imagery

While the work of the Myaamia Center primarily serves the needs of the Miami Tribe, Miami University students benefit by learning about a contemporary Tribal Nation. Through class visits, cultural activities, and co-curricular events across campus, students are able to engage with the Myaamia community and culture, serving to bring both communities closer together.

Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved and show support for our unique relationship with the Miami Tribe.

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The Miami Tribe’s community blog helps foster connections throughout the community through conversations about history, ecology, and other shared experiences.

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Explore our stories of revitalization

Cultural and language revitalization are a huge part of the Myaamia Center’s efforts at Miami University. This podcast explores how the 50-year relationship between the two have impacted those efforts.

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Stay up to date

Keeping up with all aspects of the Myaamia Center, from events and opportunities to research and university updates, is super easy with the Myaamia Center’s monthly email newsletter.

Support Our Work

a woman wearing a myaamia shirt from the hertiage collection

Heritage Collection

Wearing pieces from the Heritage Collection is a great way to celebrate this relationship and support Heritage Award students, with a portion of proceeds going toward scholarships for Myaamia students.

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Donating to Myaamia Center and Heritage Award Students provides important funding for future educational events and activities.

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