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2022 Myaamiaki Conference Review

Review the topics & presentation of the 2022 Myaamiaki Conference.

Myaamia Center History

Myaamia Center History

Where the Myaamia First Came From

Where the Myaamia First Came From

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A Logo, A Relationship


The Myaamia Heritage Logo references the traditional Miami Tribe art form of ribbonwork and symbolizes the unique relationship between the University and Tribe.

The Myaamia Heritage Logo does not replace any current symbols used by Miami University or the Miami Tribe.

Myaamia Educational Programs

2019 Eewansaapita Staff

Myaamia Students from Miami University serve as counselors for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s summer youth programs, Saakaciweeta (ages 6-9) and Eewansaapita (ages 10-16). The students help camp participants by modeling how to be good learners and community members.

Stomp Dance Skirt Workshop

Myaamia Stomp Dance Skirt Workshop

Myaamia Students participated in a stomp dance skirt making workshop, where they learned the entire process of making a skirt for wearing at stomp dances.

Myaamia Winter Gathering

Myaamia Students at Miami Nation Headquarters

Each year Myaamia Center staff, Myaamia students, and Miami University faculty travel to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s headquarters in Oklahoma for the Tribe’s annual Winter Gathering and Stomp Dance celebration.

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