Myaamia Graduates

At Miami University, where Miami Tribe students’ heritage language and culture are reinforced along with their other curricular studies, the four-year graduation rate for students who have gone through the Myaamia Heritage Award Program is 77.1%. With these kind of results, we proudly recognize our Myaamia student graduates.

Read about how knowing tribal identity helps Myaamia students succeed.

Myaamia Students with Graduate Degrees from Miami University
Student Years at Miami Area(s) of Study
Rachel Hall Eikenberry 1991-1994 School Psychology
Chris Bowyer 2014-2016 Philosophy
Jennifer Olds 1997-1999 Music
Nichole Prescott 1998-2000 History and Women's Studies
George Ironstrack 2004-2006 History
Joshua Sutterfield Dec 2009 Geography
Kara Strass 2016-2018 Student Affairs in Higher Education
Colleen Scheibel 2017-2019 Speech Pathology

Myaamia Students with Undergraduate Degrees from Miami University
Student Years at Miami Area(s) of Study
Scott Burkybile 1991-1995 English Literature / Creative Writing
Wes Leonard 1994-1998 Linguistics
Kimberly Wade 1996-1999 Nursing BA and AA
Rachel Bewick 1996-2000 Psychology
Annika Jenings 1996-2000 Microbiology
Corrie Sutton 1996-8/2000 Business / Marketing
Christopher Mason 1997-2001 Microbiology
Cheri Brownwood 1/00-12/02 Music Education
Michale Ritenour 1999-2004 Exercise Science
Annie Pettit 2000-2004 Math Education
Amy Ratzloff 2000-2004 Systems Analysis, Film Studies
Corrie Ritenour 2000-2004 Business
Julia Wagner 2000-2004 Marketing
Joshua Sutterfield 2001-2005 Anthropology / Religion
Mika Leonard 2003-2006 Linguistics
Morgan Long 2003-2007 Psychology
Michael Richardville 2002-2007 Accounting
Andrew Strack 2003-2007 Mass Communication
(Phillip) Jake Long 2004-Dec 2007 Zoology
Amy Mowery 2004-2008 History
Kelsey Young 2004-2008 Gerontology
Tami Schmidt May 2008 Business
Teagan Johnston 2007-Dec 2008 Psychology
Dirk Long 2005-2009 Mech Engineering / Engineering Physics
Jesse Richardville 2005-2009 Sociology
Kevin Godfroy 2006-2010 Physical Education
Brent Mowery 2006-2010 Mass Communication
Karise Okuly 2006-2010 Secondary Ed / Social Studies
Lance Theobald 2006-2010 Accounting
Mary Tippmann 2006-2010 Dietetics
Taylor Pyle 2007-2011 Finance
Diana Steed 2007-2011 Health Studies
Scott Swaidner 2007-2011 Psychology
Jessie Baldwin 2006-Dec 2011 Early Childhood Education
Jena Long 2008-2012 Geology
Colin Pyle 2008-2012 Accountancy
Zach Swaidner 2008-2012 Speech Communication
Brad Kasberg 2008-2012 Anthropology/Geography
Lauren Doust 2009-2013 Management/LAS
Kristina Marks 2009-2013 Ed/Secondary/Science/Chem
Haley Strass 2009-2013 Psychology
Jarrid Baldwin 2010-2013 Anthropology
Matt Strack 2010-2013 Kinesiology
Chris Angelo 2010-2014 Mechanical Engineering
John Bickers 2010-2014 History/Linguistics minor
Evan Pyle 2010-2014 Information Systems and Analytics (ISA)
Kealey Johnston 2011-2014 Early Childhood Education
Ben Kasberg 2009-2013 Mech and Man Engineering
Brittany Kasberg 2010-2014 Communication
Bryan Kasberg 2010-2014 Accountancy
Chris Bowyer 2011-2015 Philosophy
Madeline Hrybyk 2011-2015 Art/Painting
Kristen Kasberg 2011-2015 Psychology
Ryan Pyle 2011-2015 Sports Leadership and Management
Jordan Theobald 2013-2015 Nursing
Anthony Strack 2011-2015 Mechanical Engineering
Colleen Scheible 2013-2017 Speech Pathology
Evan Theobald 2012-2016 Education Psychology
Gabrielle (Gabbi) McMullen 2013-2017 Chemical Engineering
Ian Young 2012-2016 Physics / Philosophy
Jackie Mooney 2012-2016 Communication
Kayla Petersen 2013-2017 Nutrition / Dietetics
Kelsey Godfroy 2013-2017 Biology
Rachel Poyfair 2013-2017 West Program / Anthropology

Riley Theobald

2013-2017 Health Promotion

Wyatt Butcher

2014-2018 Information Systems & Analytics

Jordan Corral

2014-2018 Social Justice Studies

Jonathan Goulding

2014-2018 Software Engineering

Trevor Hayes

2014-2018 Mechanical Engineering

Megan Mooney

2014-2018 English/Creative Writing

Zachary Roebel

2014-2018 Kinesiology/Public Health

Lydia Simpson


Social Work

Evan Strack

2014-2018 Manufacturing Engineering

Rachel Poyfair

2013-2018 Western Progam/Anthropology

Katin Angelo

2014-2019 Life Science and Chemistry Education

Hannah Angelo

2015-2019 Marketing

Brandon Butcher

2015-2019 Biochemistry

Darby Galligher

2015-2019 Public Health

Tori Levy

2015-2019 Journalism/Public Health

Gloria Tippmann

2015-2019 Integrated Language Arts Education

Nate Poyfair

2015-2020 History

Aliena Fox

2016-2020 Integrated Social Studies Education

Allie Humenay

2016-2020 Social Work

Matt Meszaros

2016-2020 Public Administration

Addison Patrick

2016-2020 Sports Leadership & Management

Hannah Pettit

2016-2020 Psychology

Ethan Sippy

2016-2020 Marketing

Logan York

2016-2020 Anthropology

 Jenna Corral

2017-2021 Speech Pathology

Sean Galligher

2017-2021 Sports Leadership & Management

Madelene Montgomery

2017-2021 Psychology

Maximillian Pyle

2017-2021 Marketing

Tess VonHemel

2017-2021 Political Science