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The 'thing that thinks fast' is a new way to teach Indigenous languages
("Indian Country Today", July 29, 2019)
Dr. Troy and graduate students work on a software to preserve languages
Ever since 2015 Dr. Doug Troy and his graduate students have been working on a system that would help store digital copies of linguistic material.
UO community researchers to attend Breath of Life 2.0 workshop
("Around the O," University of Oregon, July 10, 2019)
Miami engineering and computing students collaborate with Myaamia Center to develop digital archives
Miami University engineering and computing students have been helping the Myaamia Center develop digital archives that allow analysis of extensive language documents as well the recording of land ownership and plants important to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.
Miami's Myaamia Center awarded NEH grant for 'aacimwahkionkonci: Stories from the Land' project
Funding supports a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) and historical educational resource that allows users to examine and interpret historical records, documenting how land left Miami Tribe ownership through the 19th and 20th centuries.
National Breath of Life to launch one-of-a-kind software to enable linguistic analysis for language revitalization
National Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages announces the new Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA), the only available software that allows for the organization, storage and retrieval of digital copies of linguistic archival materials for language revitalization.
Daryl Baldwin on the revitalization of the Myaamia language
New York, April 7 (subscription may be required)
History Professor is Lead Researcher on NEH-funded project on history of Miami Tribe
Dr. Cameron Shriver, visiting assistant professor of Native American History in the Department of History, is the lead researcher on the project Aacimwahkionkonci? ‘Land of Stories’, which recently received a research grant in the amount of $180,450 from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The principal investigator is Daryl Baldwin, director of the Myaamia Center at Miami University.
Educator of the Year Helps Students with Disabilities Gain Unmatched Experiences
Evan Theobald, Special Education teacher and alum as well as member of the Miami Tribe, was named Educator of the Year by the Jackson, Missouri Chamber of Commerce