Myaamia Storybook

Publication cover, including title, author, icons for crescent moon, a sun, and footprints

myaamia neehi peewaalia aacimoona neehi aalhsoohkaana ("Myaamia and Peoria Narratives and Winter Stories") contains the collected stories of the myaamiaki.

Its forty-five texts include:

    • Twenty-nine stories in Myaamia, Peoria, or Wea dialects with English translations
    • Sixteen English stories

Project Background

Released in January 2011, this hardbound book was the first collection of native texts from the Myaamia and Peoria ever published.

These texts were collected from several different people from the mid-1890’s through 1916, and include origin and culture hero stories, trickster stories (including several stories of Fox and Wolf), animal stories, biographical, auto-biographical and historical narratives, how-to stories, and Christian prayers.

Upon completing this project, we mailed a copy of the storybook to each tribal household.


  • Dr. David Costa: Miami Language Consultant
  • Daryl Baldwin: Director, Myaamia Project
  • Julie Olds: Cover Art
  • Pam Dean: Layout designer