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Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in May

Our editors' picks for May provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage

Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in May, May 26: Why South Asian Americans stan Taco Bell

CBS News, May 25: Remembering Tina Turner

  • Tammy Kernodle, University Distinguished Professor of Music, appeared on CBS News to discuss the death of legendary singer Tina Turner.

The Moscow Times, May 24:  A Ukrainian Artist Fights Russian Culture, One Painting at a Time

  • This article written by Stephen Norris, Walter E. Havighurst Professor of Russian History, is a review of Ukrainian artist, Igor Gusev and how he blends Russian masterpieces with contemporary or disruptive images to build his series, World War 3. 

CNN, May 21: Opinion: The age-old political question whose time has passed

  • This opinion piece was written by Megan Gerhardt, professor of Management and Leadership. It brings into question what is too old in regards to aging and the U.S. presidency.

Christian Science Monitor, May 19: What does self-defense mean in US? Subway killing shows divide.

  • This article is focused on the death of Jordan Neely and the controversy of social justice surrounding his death. Rodney Coates, professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, is quoted.

The Conversation, May 16: US has a long history of state lawmakers silencing elected Black officials and taking power from their constituents

  • This article written by Rodney Coates, professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, examines the history of racism in politics and how it is still active today.

Columbus Dispatch, May 15: Here’s how Ohio’s public universities say they drove $69 billion to the state’s economy

  • This article highlights the economic impact that Ohio universities bring to the state. The independent study by Lightcast was presented by Miami President Gregory Crawford, current chair of the Inter-University Presidents Council.

The Conversation, May 12: Meditative mothering? How Buddhism honors both compassionate caregivers and celibate monks and nuns.

  • This article on how Buddhism honors mothering was written by Liz Wilson, professor of Comparative Religion.

Slate, May 11: Why It Makes Perfect Sense for Netflix’s New Cleopatra to Be Black

  • This article quotes Denise McCoskey, professor in the Department of French, Italian, and Classical Studies, in regards to the lineage of Cleopatra.

CBS Sports, May 7: Rams' Sean McVay honored with statue after being inducted into Miami (Ohio)'s Cradle of Coaches

  • This story reports on Los Angeles Rams coach and Miami alumnus Sean McVay’s induction into the Cradle of Coaches. This appeared in more than 25 additional outlets.

Consumer Reports, May 1: 7 Tips to Stay Safer While Cycling

  • This article features Kyle Timmerman, associate professor of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health. Timmerman provides safety recommendations for cycling.