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Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in December and January

Our editors' picks for December and January provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage

Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in December and January

Check out our weekly Miami Media Highlights on the Miami University News website.

Fortune, Jan. 28: How tiny homes went from a millennial lifestyle fad to a Hail Mary shot at solving the homeless crisis

  • This article on the construction of tiny homes quotes Jeff Kruth, assistant professor of Architecture and Interior Design, in reference to costs. This story also appeared on MSN Money and the Fifth Skill.

Banking Finance, Jan. 21: Young Americans Are Finding New Ways To Build Wealth In A Tough Economy

  • Megan Gerhardt, professor of Management and Leadership, is quoted in this story about how Gen Z and millennials are pursuing different means of growing wealth than their parents did at their age.

World Nation News, Jan 21: Trump continues his mastery of the mirage over rural America

  • This  article delves into the popularity of Donald Trump in rural America and quotes Steven Conn, W.E. Smith Professor of History.

Spectrum News One Ohio, Ch. 24, Jan 21: Mental Wellness in Ohio Schools

  • This broadcast news story features Sharon Custer, professor of Social Work, detailing the work of the Ohio School Wellness Initiative.  

WGN, WGN Morning News, Jan 19: Appreciation of beautiful music

  • This segment of the WGN Morning News features Michael LaMattina, adjunct professor of Music and director of Percussion Studies at Miami, performing Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” on the glockenspiel. 

The Columbus Dispatch, Jan 12: Voter will in danger. Ploys to undermine new Ohio marijuana, abortion laws major examples.

  • This article on citizen initiatives was written by Anne Whitesell, assistant professor of Political Science, and first published by The Conversation on Jan. 9.

MSN Money, Dec. 29: How Meta, TikTok, and the social media industry are changing to survive

  • Matthew Crain, associate professor of Media and Communication, is quoted in this article about the changing social media landscape.

CBS News, Dec. 26: Should you start with cardio or lift weights first? The best way to structure your workout, according to an expert

  • Randal Claytor, associate professor of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health, penned this article on health-related fitness for The Conversation., Dec. 25: Understanding why Beyoncé and Taylor Swift get compared

  • Tammy Kernodle, University Distinguished Professor of Music, talks about Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and why female artists are constantly pitted against one another.

The Washington Post, Dec. 20: The checkered history of the poinsettia’s namesake and the flower’s origins get new attention

  • Elena Jackson Albarrán, associate professor of Global and Intercultural Studies, is quoted in this Associated Press story on the history of the poinsettia.

Inside Higher Ed, Dec. 8: AI Won’t Replace Writing Instruction

  • Mandy Olejnik, assistant director of Writing Across the Curriculum at Miami’s Howe Center for Writing Excellence, wrote this article on artificial intelligence writing tools.