What You Need to Know About Your Diploma

  • It is crucial for you to provide a current mailing address in order to receive your diploma.
  • Your diploma and an official academic transcript will be mailed separately to you approximately four to six weeks following the commencement date, provided there are no holds on your academic record and you have met degree requirements.
  • Undergraduate and Master degree diplomas are 8.5" x 11" while the PhD diploma is 11" x 14".
  • Miami University diplomas show the degree (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, etc.) and Latin honors (if earned); majors ARE NOT printed on diplomas.
  • If awarded multiple degrees (e.g., a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science) you will receive a separately shipped diploma for each degree.
  • If awarded one degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts) with multiple majors (e.g., History and Mathematics), you will receive one diploma for that degree.
  • Your official academic transcript includes the degree(s), major(s), minor(s), and honors (Latin, University, Departmental) awarded.

Diploma Name Options

Degree candidates have the opportunity to choose the first and/or middle name to be printed on their diploma. The default name is the legal name of record. Please note that the name chosen will also be used in the commencement program.

Before opting to use a chosen first and/or middle name for the diploma, please keep in mind:

  • The last name cannot be changed.
  • Official university records (such as the academic record and official transcript) will continue to display a student’s full legal name. More information about changing the legal name on the official university academic record can be found on the Your Personal Information and Privacy Rights web page.
  • Any third party needing to verify attendance and/or degree, such as a future employer, must provide the student's full legal name.

If You Have Not Received Your Diploma

  • The mailing address on your record may be incorrect and you should email commencement@MiamiOH.edu with your updated address. We will reship your diploma when it is received back in our office or after 30 days passes from time of shipping and your notification to us of non-receipt.
  • You may not have completed degree requirements and you should contact your divisional advising office of your College for assistance.

If Your Diploma Was Damaged in the Mail

While Miami makes every effort to have the diploma delivered in a timely manner and in perfect condition, weather and delivery methods sometimes prevent that from happening. If your diploma was damaged in the mail and you need a replacement, please follow these steps.

  • Email commencement@MiamiOH.edu to let us know that your diploma was damaged and attach a photo of the damage. If you would like the diploma sent to a new mailing address, include the new address in your email.
  • We will reprint the diploma free of charge. Please allow 2–4 weeks for processing and printing of replacement diplomas.
  • We will send an email to your Miami email account when the reprinted diploma has been mailed.

If You Need To Order A Replacement Diploma

Diplomas that have been lost, damaged or destroyed can be reprinted. There are no duplicate copies held on file by the University.

Paper Diploma Option:

  • The fee for a replacement diploma is $29.00. 
  • Standard shipping rates for USPS domestic/international are added. 
  • Standard processing/printing/shipping time is 2-4 weeks. 
  • Expedited processing and shipping through UPS 2nd Day Air adds $55.95. Expedited processing/printing/shipping time is 1-3 business days. 
  • Expedited international processing and shipping through UPS International adds $185.95. Expedited processing/printing/shipping time is 4-6 business days.
  • All replacement diplomas will be printed with the current signatures and in the current layout used by the university.
  • Request a paper replacement diploma

Certified Electronic Diploma Option

  • Certified Electronic Diplomas are available for students graduating in May 2021 and beyond as a complimentary service from Miami's Alumni Association.
  • Certified Electronic Diplomas are available for students who graduated between May 1978 and January 2021 at a price of $48.00. Allow 2-4 weeks for standard processing of the certified electronic diplomas.
  • Expedited processing (1-2 business days) is available for an additional $29.95.
  • All certified electronic diplomas will show the current signatures and the current layout used by the university.
  • Request a Certified Electronic Diploma or Certificate

Contact commencement@MiamiOH.edu if you have any questions.

Replacement Fees
Product Type Credential Price Domestic Shipping International Shipping Expedited Domestic Processing/Shipping Expedited International Processing/Shipping
Paper Replacement (8.5x11) $29.00 $2.10 $5.00 $55.95 $185.95
Paper Replacement (11x14) $29.00 $5.50 $16.00 $55.95 $185.95
Certified Electronic Diploma or Certificate
for students graduating prior to May 2021
$48.00 N/A N/A $25.95 $25.95
Certified Electronic Diploma or Certificate
for students graduating in May 2021 and beyond