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Original Public Ivy
Timothy Lu
Timothy Lu
Grad Year: 2011
Degree: B.A., East Asian Languages and Culture
Currently: Data Strategist, Philippines, Thinking Machines
Recognized in Huffington Post “10 Young Leaders Who Are Creating a Better World."
97.3% of 2016-2017 graduates were employed or furthering their education by fall 2017. Based on research, surveys, and national data of 81.2% of 2016-2017 graduates.
Outcomes that boost incomes.
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Laura Palmer
Grad Year: 2015
Degree: B.A., Marketing
Currently: Executive Assistant, Jimmy Kimmel Live
"I am excited to pursue a career in television production when I graduate," she said. So even before she graduated, Miami helped her land internships at the Late Show, Saturday Night Live, and Conan. Guess what? Now she’s doing exactly what she came here to do.
Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods
Grad Year: 2009
Degree: B.S., Kinesiology and Health
Currently: Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Rams
He came, he studied the science of human movement, and then he taught athletes how to win — gold, silver, and bronze. Olympians he trained won six medals in the 2014 Winter Olympics and just finished competing in the 2018 PyeongChang games.
Miami's reputation attracts employers to campus for five times as many interviews compared to other universities our size.
Rachel Hou
Rachel Hou
Grad Year: 2007
Degree: B.S., Business (Organizational Leadership) and B.A., Psychology
Currently: Global Accounts Lead, Asia Pacific, Google
Cory Christopher
Grad Year: 2015
Degree: B.A., Computer Engineering
Currently: Senior Cloud Engineer, O.C. Tanner
The small town he grew up in made him hungry for new experiences. He couldn’t wait to meet people, go places, and learn to wrangle technology. Next thing he knew, his Miami degree had taken him half a world away to help Australia’s mega-financial, Suncorp, migrate to the cloud.
James Cox III
James Earl Cox III
Grad Year: 2014
Degree: B.A., Creative Writing, B.A., Interactive Media Studies, and B.A., Mass Communication
Currently: Founder and Creative Director, Seemingly Pointless
Forbes "30 Under 30"
"I had access to a lot of opportunities that grew and directed my passions. I thrived because I brought my creative writing training to the games department."
Lyndsey McMillon
Grad Year: 2013
Degrees: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from Miami University;
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Yale University
As a Miami undergraduate, Lyndsey McMillon interned at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. She went on to earn her Masters and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Yale with a dissertation titled: Material Design and Nano-Patterns for Improved Solar Cell Light Harvesting". Now she is back as a Research Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center.
Lyndsey McMillon
Michael Markesbery
Michael Markesbery
Grad Year: 2015
Degree: B.S., Zoology
Currently: Co-Founder & CEO, OROS Performance Outerwear
He explored his options and ended up in a totally unexpected place — as the founder of an apparel company. One that uses aerogel, a world record-setting thermal insulating material, to keep you warm — even if it’s a brisk -196ºC (-321ºF) outside.
Bryan Roberson
Bryan Roberson
Grad Year: 2017
Degree: B.S., Business and Masters, Accountancy
Currently: Risk Advisory, Ernst & Young
"My professors showed me how an accounting major can succeed on a marketing campaign or in an African art class. They helped me develop the skills that will lead me to the most success."
Sean McVay
Sean McVay
Grad Year: 2008
Degree: B.S., Health and Sports Studies
Currently: Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams
Upon his hiring as the Los Angeles Rams’ 23rd full-time head coach in franchise history in 2017, Sean became the youngest head coach in modern NFL history at the age of 30 and was recently named the 2017 NFL Coach of the Year. He previously held positions as offensive coordinator, tight ends coach, and offensive assistant for the Washington Redskins.
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Bethany Anderson
Grad Year: 2013
Degree: B.S., Accountancy
Currently: Senior Audit Associate, KPMG
Can getting a head start at one of the Big Four help your career? It sure can. So we helped Bethany get her foot in the door at KPMG. She may have only started as a global audit intern (in Oslo, Norway!), but once they saw what this talented RedHawk could do, they hired her.
There are 212,596 loyal alumni worldwide.
Miami is ranked among the top public universities in the nation for best salary potential after graduation.
Original Public Ivy
Beth Stelling
"Top 18 Women You Should Be Following on Twitter" — Huffington Post
Beth Stelling
Grad Year: 2007
Degree: B.A., Theater
Currently: Stand-up comedian and writer
Urban Education Institute
Ashley Szofer
Grad Year: 2007
Degree: B.S., English Education
Currently: Senior Communications Strategist, Chicago Urban Education Institute
Graduating was just the beginning. Like most alumni, she found that a Miami degree opens doors to amazing opportunities. Teaching and Harvard grad school opportunities — that led to her current job. Making an impact nationwide at a renowned education think tank.
Miami alumni can be found in more than 90 countries worldwide.
Sean Kavanagh
Ryan Perhala
Grad Year: 2009
Degree: B.S., Physics
Currently: Captain, United States Air Force
Captain Ryan Perhala is an instructor pilot at the United States Air Force Weapons School, Nellis AFB, Nevada. He teaches graduate-level academics and leads combat training missions.