Molecular Sieve


Gas separation technology is an important factor in a number of industries. Conventional gas purification technologies include distillation, absorption and sieve separation methods. Dr. Hongcai Zhou has developed a novel molecular sieve that possesses tunable, dynamic mesh characteristics. Dr. Zhou, a chemist at Miami University, utilized a new class of highly porous metal organic framework to develop a separation technology that has tunable, rather than fixed, mesh pore sizes. This is advantageous over existing technologies that employ fixed pore, zeolite-based mesh structures for gaseous separations. Dr. Zhou’s MAMS-1 technology features a continuously adjustable mesh framework that is tunable over 2.9 to 5.0 angstroms, covering the wide majority of kinetic diameter pore size requirements of commercially important gas separations. Mesh size is attained via precise temperature control of the separation process. Dr. Zhou developed a solvothermal reaction process between an amphiphilic ligand with a functionalized hydrophilic end and nickel nitrate to produce a graphitic MOF structure that possesses temperature-tunable molecular gating properties.

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INVENTOR: Hongcai Zhou

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