Transfer Advising Program Guide Template

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[Name of Partnering Institution]

[Name of Partnering Institution Degree]

Transfer Program to Miami University

[Name of Miami Degree]

Catalog Year:

Miami Contact Name and Information:


The [Name of Partnering Degree] at [Name of Partnering Institution] partners well with the [Name of Miami Degree] at Miami University.

The [Name of Miami Degree] requires XX credit hours. At least XX of those hours must be earned at Miami, including the 12 of the final 30 credit hours. The matches below indicate specific courses you may be awarded after successfully completing those courses and transferring to Miami University.

Note: Neither Miami University nor the [Name of Partnering Institution] shall use the name, logo, likeness, trademarks, image or other intellectual property of either of the other parties for any advertising, marketing, endorsement or any other purposes without the specific prior written consent of an authorized representative of the other party as to each such use. [Name of Partnering Institution] may refer to the affiliation with Miami in public information materials regarding the relevant Program. Miami reserves the right to review and request modification of [Name of Partnering Institution]’s reference to Miami as necessary. [Name of Partnering Institution] may refer to the affiliation with Miami in its brochures and other public information materials having to do with the Program.

Name of Partnering Institution Miami University
Course # Course Title Credits Course # Course Title Credits