Concert Guidelines

Fire Regulations

The fire lane behind the facility (north end; loading dock) must be kept clear at all times.

All emergency exit lights must remain on at all times.

Cables may be run down the aisles if taped or dressed.

Hallways must remain clear and NO exits can be blocked.

Pyrotechnics require local approval; no open flames.

Other Regulations

The following announcement must be read from the stage prior to the concert:  “No smoking, alcohol, cameras or recording devices permitted, or consumption and no readmission into the arena is allowed.” The no smoking or alcohol restriction applies to all parts of the building including the dressing rooms.

Miami University Policy and Information Manual 16.1 governor consumption of alcohol in the building. Advance written approval to serve alcohol must be obtained from the Vice President of Business and Finance.

No open bottles or cans on stage; liquids must be in plastic or paper cups.

House lights do not go black; the minimum setting is 20%. Please do not ask us to alter this setting.

Keys to the facility will not be loaned out unless permission has been given by the Office of Special Facilities.

Festival (open floor) seating is not permitted. 


Tickets for events are coordinated through the University-sponsored group and the Shriver Center Box Office.

Staging Specifications

The stage is constructed of Mitchell portable staging which comes in 4’ x 8’ x 30” modules.

The house has 148 stage sections in the facility.

Maximum stage size: 40’ x 60’ x 5’ (no sound wings)

40’ x 48’ x 5’ (with 12’ x 16’ sound wings)

40’ from the top of the stage to the ceiling.

90’ floor width (must allow for 6-foot aisles on both sides for fire egress).

Power Specifications

400 amps - 3 phase, located within 150’ of right of stage. (1016 Cam-Locks or tails)

200 amps - 3 phase, located within 150’ of left of stage. (1016 Cam-Locks or tails)

100 amps - 3 phase, shore power. (Tails only)


Miami University and Millett Hall is not a union shop. Qualified (to be determined by Special Facilities staff) operators are provided safety belts and access to platforms.

Other Specifications

Mix location is on the arena floor, normally 75’ to 120’ from stage. Mix platforms are available in 8”, 15” and 24” heights.

Distance from floor to ceiling beams is 44 feet.

Eight Clear com headsets and belt packs are available.

A cold water outlet and drain are available in the backstage area.

By order of the University Fire Marshal, food preparation through use of any type of cooking appliance is prohibited.


There is a Grand Piano (9 foot) available. A piano tuner is also available. Please notify us at least 2 weeks in advance if services are required.

Loading and Unloading

Overhead door clearance is 11’ 6”.

Backstage floor capacity is 4 tons.

Forklift with operator is available.

  • Make: Nissan
  • Capacity: 4000 lbs. to 14 ft. (max.)

Note: Trucks are NOT allowed to enter the building. Truck parking is available.

Dressing Rooms

2 Large Dressing Rooms

  • Mirrors
  • Lavatory room (toilets and sinks, no showers)
  • Chairs and couches available

2 Small Dressing Rooms

  • Mirrors
  • Lavatory room (toilets and sinks, no shower in one)
  • Shower in one small dressing room
  • Chairs and desk are available

Additional Locker Rooms with showers may be available.


Trusses and other equipment may be flown in the arena dependent upon weight. Exact requirements must be discussed in advance with the Office of Special Facilities.

Rigging loads must be approved by the Office of Special Facilities prior to load-i.