Campus Lighting / Emergency Call Boxes

The Miami University Police Department recognizes that campus lighting and the placement of emergency call boxes are an important safety feature on a college campus. Campus sidewalks, parking areas and roadways all have lighting installed. The University Police urge people to walk in lighted areas during hours of darkness.

There are emergency call boxes installed at various locations throughout the campus. These call boxes serve as a means to contact the University Police in an emergency, or to request an escort for personal safety. Emergency call boxes call 9-1-1 and connect you to the University Police dispatcher when the button is pressed; officers respond to each call box activation. The Campus Avenue Garage on South Campus Ave. has three emergency call boxes on each level, you can also use the call boxes there to place local telephone calls in case you need assistance with your car.

Many people on campus carry cell phones, and they are the most readily available way to contact the University Police. To contact the Miami University Police from your cell phone, you must dial our phone number: 513-529-2222. Calling 9-1-1 from a cell phone will connect you with the closest available Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), usually the Oxford Police Department. The University Police recommends programming our telephone number (513-529-2222) as one of your cell phone's speed dials in the event you need emergency assistance while you are on campus. Be prepared to give the dispatcher your location on campus so that emergency assistance can be sent quickly.

University police officers report deficiencies in campus lighting (burned out or inoperative lights) to the Physical Facilities Service Desk for repair when they are observed. University police officers also check the function of each of the emergency call boxes on a monthly basis and request repairs when necessary. You can report problems with campus lighting or emergency call boxes by calling:

  • Campus lighting - Call Physical Facilities Operations Center at 513-529-6111
  • Emergency call boxes - Call Office of Telecommunications at 513-529-3511