The Use of Human Subjects, Animals, Radiation, Chemicals, and Recombinant DNA in Research

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Employees and Students


All research conducted at Miami University must comply with federal regulations regulating the use of human subjects, laboratory animals, radiation, chemicals, and recombinant DNA in research. The University has established the following committees to oversee activities and enforce regulations in these areas:

  1. Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (see the policy “Research Involving Human Subjects”)
  2. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  3. Radiation Safety Committee
  4. Chemical Safety Committee
  5. Institutional Biosafety Committee

Information on the operation of these committees, and on procedures to be followed in proposing research involving the entities above, is available from the Office of Research and Innovation.

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  • Vice President for Research and Innovation
  • Office of the Provost

Legal Reference

  • Section 3345.14 of the Ohio Revised Code
  • Federal Regulations

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  • MUPIM 15.7
  • OAC 3339-15-07


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