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Procurement and Purchasing

Scope: Employees are covered by this policy.


Procurement and Purchasing



The University is committed to using responsible, equitable, and transparent procurement processes. The purpose of this policy is to enable the University to acquire high-quality goods and services at the best possible prices. The procurement processes are designed to maximize the purchasing power and expertise of the University through state-of-the-art sourcing strategies. The Vice President for Finance and Business Services and/or his/her designees have the exclusive authority and responsibility for the procurement of goods and services. Each faculty and staff member is responsible for complying with the University’s procurement processes.

Office of Purchasing Responsibilities

The Office of Strategic Procurement has been designated as the University office responsible for establishing and implementing the purchasing processes approved by the Vice President for Finance and Business Services. No other University office or employee has the authority to contractually obligate the University to pay money except as specifically authorized through the purchasing processes established by the Office of Strategic Procurement(e.g., Miami Buyway) or as authorized in writing by the Vice President for Finance and Business Services and/or his/her designees.

University Purchasing and Travel Cards

In limited cases, University departments and/or employees have been given the privilege of using a University purchasing and/or travel card. The University expects that each faculty and staff member when using a University purchasing and/or travel card will make every reasonable effort to ensure that funds are used in a responsible, legal, ethical manner and in conformity with the Miami University Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure Handbook and the University’s Hosting and Travel Policies in the Purchasing and Payment Handbook.

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