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Miami University reimburses or pays travel expenses only if the traveler’s purpose is:

  1. representation of the University on official University business
  2. research investigation
  3. attendance at meetings of professional societies or organizations
  4. teaching and training activities of the University.

Both the travel and the request for payment must satisfy Internal Revenue Service requirements.  The amount to be reimbursed or paid depends on the limits established by the University, the policies of the department or unit providing the funds, and the availability of funds.  Reimbursement or payment can be assured only if the traveler obtains advance approval from the person responsible for the budget line to be charged.  Details of the University’s travel policy are contained in the Purchasing and Payment Handbook, available online at Accounts Payable.

Non-Traditional Lodging

As used in this policy, the term “Non-Traditional Lodging” means lodging accommodations with an entity outside of the conventional hotel industry, and may include, without limitation, accommodations provided through the online hospitality marketplace (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO, Wimdu, etc.), hostels, and similar outlets and service providers. 

There are inherent risks and hazards that may arise from utilizing the services of a Non-Traditional Lodging provider, and such use is prohibited unless the traveler demonstrates there is no conventional lodging available and has  conducted  the necessary due diligence and developed an adequate and approved safety plan. The Non-Traditional Lodging Form must be completed and submitted when seeking approval to use non-traditional lodging.  

For University travel involving faculty-led study abroad or away programs, academic programs, or workshops where  approval for staying in Non-Traditional Lodging is being sought, the faculty member primarily responsible for the trip must obtain the approval of  the Study Abroad office at Global Initiatives  and the appropriate divisional dean prior to engaging any Non-Traditional Lodging service provider.

For all other University travelers seeking to use Non-Traditional Lodging services for University business travel, permission must be obtained from the traveler’s department head/supervisor division head and dean or appropriate vice-president.. 

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