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Provided such additions do not substantially degrade service to other users, it is the policy of Miami University to permit the acquisition of computer peripheral devices and/or software within the limits of the operating budget and/or available extramural funding; the University statement of preferred, supported, and approved manufacturers; and the capacity or security of the host computers.

For purposes of this policy, computer peripheral devices are defined as any device which contain an electronic processor and which can be linked either directly or indirectly to the Miami Computing System Network (MUN).

Software includes general system programs and libraries, compilers, utilities, and other computer programs requiring central system support. For independently developed or acquired software, which will become an integral part of the University information processing system, a contact person in IT Services must consult/assist in the development to ascertain that the resulting system will be effective, meet security requirements, and can be maintained by IT Services should the need subsequently arise.

The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Vice President for Information Technology. The Information Technology Policy Committee recommends such policies.


Requests for acquisition of computer peripheral devices and/or software shall be endorsed by IT Services in terms of technical compatibility, access security, and central computer system capacity and approved through normal organizational channels.

Requests shall include documentation as to technical specifications, pricing, proposed use, benefits, expected utilization, and anticipated central computer system impacts.

Endorsement by IT Services is necessary for connection to the Miami Computing System Communication Network and the use of the central computer systems.

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