Illegal or Unauthorized Use of University Computing Resources

Scope:  Who is Covered by this Policy?

  • Employees, Students and Visitors


The following prohibited actions apply to faculty, staff, students, and visitors:

  1. theft or malicious destruction of computing property (including computer hardware, software, account credentials, and/or data)  belonging to the University, other corporations, or to any other person;
  2. unauthorized access to, use of, or control of computing facilities or computer data, including circumvention of computing system safeguards;
  3. acts involving University Computing Resources that obstruct or disrupt University functions in teaching, research, or administration; and
  4. use of University property in the performance of illegal or prohibited actions including violation of software copyrights or trade secrets and/or activities conducted for personal financial gain except as provided for by other University policy.

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  • MUPIM 19.3
  • OAC 3339-19-03


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