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Parking Appeals

Scope: Employees, Students, Vendors and Visitors are covered by this policy.


Parking Appeals


Appealing a Citation

Appeals on citations must be submitted online within ten calendar days of the date the citation was issued. Appeals not received within ten calendar days may not be accepted. Appeals may be sent through the Parking and Transportation Services website at Parking Services.

All decisions made by the Parking Appeals Committee are final.

Appeals must include all pertinent information and supporting documentation needed to allow the Committee to make an intelligent judgment. Appeals should contain a complete and full explanation of circumstances or claim. Items that may accompany your written statement include but are not limited to pictures, statements by others, receipts and diagrams.

Parking Services Role in the Appeals Process

  1. Prepares and forwards appeals to the Parking Appeals Committee.
  2. Notifies the appellant of the Committee’s decision.
  3. Does not participate in Committee deliberations.
  4. Answers inquiries concerning appeals.

Parking Appeals Committee

Composition (Is composed of students, faculty, and staff)

  1. Student members shall be recommended by the President of Associated Student Government.
  2. All members shall be appointed by the President of Miami University.
  3. The Director of Parking and Transportation Services or designee shall be a non-voting consultant to the Committee.


  1. Hears all appeals of parking citations issued at Miami University.
  2. Acts upon all appeals. This will be done by all attending members of the Committee.

Parking Appeals Committee Chair

  1. Convenes the meetings.
  2. Attests to decisions reached.
  3. Is a voting member (three members, plus the chair or vice-chair, shall constitute a quorum).

Parking Appeals Committee Vice-Chairs (There will be two student vice-chairs)

  1. Aid the chair.
  2. Convene meetings in the absence of the chair.
  3. Perform such other duties as shall arise from time to time.

Regulation Changes

The Parking Appeals Committees may recommend changes to the Motor Vehicle Regulations for purposes of clarity, accuracy, or procedural improvement. These recommendations shall be made to the President of Miami University, via Student LIfe Council. Recommendations for major policy revision shall remain the responsibility of Student LIfe Council, with members of the Committee invited to participate in such discussions.

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