Parking Violations

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

Employees, Students, Vendors and Visitors


An individual registering a vehicle is responsible for all citations issued to that vehicle regardless of ownership. Individuals who lend their vehicles to others are responsible for any parking fines incurred.

Parking Without a Permit: Fine $75

Parking in permit-required areas of campus without registering the vehicle to a Miami parking permit. A permit is required to park in University parking areas (see policy “Motor Vehicle Permits” section “Permit Required”).

Vehicles that are not registered to a parking permit may also be charged an administrative fee of $2.50 to look up ownership of the vehicle in order to collect fines. 

Unregistered vehicle is a Permit Violation.

Plate Not Facing Drive Aisle: Fine $20

Improperly displaying a University parking permit. Once the vehicle's license plate is registered through parking services, the vehicle's license plate is the parking permit and must be displayed so as to be visible in the drive lane in the parking lot. Plate not facing drive aisle is a Permit Violation.

Restricted Area: Fine $75

Parking in areas beyond the privileges granted by your permit or parking in violation of posted event parking restrictions. Between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, vehicles must park only in the areas specified by their permit.

University events sometimes require the exclusive use of parking areas. These areas will be posted at least 72 hours in advance of the event. Cars parked in these areas after the time specified will be cited. All cars must be removed from all sections of the Millett parking lot on the dates of all home football games.

Restricted Area is a Permit Violation.

Illegal Use of Permit: Fine $300 

Any of the following is a violation:

  1. Reproduction of a permit
  2. Altering a permit
  3. Student use of a permit issued to or designated for issue to a visitor, faculty or staff member, or graduate assistant
  4. More than one vehicle registered to a permit parked on campus at the same time. Each vehicle is in violation and is subject to citation. 

Illegal Use of Permit is a Permit Violation.

Overtime at Pay-to-Park: Fine $10

Vehicles may park in spaces controlled by kiosks or the Passport App for the duration of time purchased. No parking permit is required. Unless otherwise posted, pay-to-park fees must be paid when parking between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, except when the University is officially closed. This applies only to pay-to-park areas; all other parking and permit restrictions are in effect at all times.

Additional time may not be purchased for Miami pay-to-park areas. The driver must move the vehicle to another zone after the time purchased has expired or risk citation.

University parking facilities that require a fee for use by the hour or by the event require payment at all times. Failure to pay for time parked in a facility that requires a fee is a violation.

Overtime in a pay-to-park area is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Overtime in a Timed Zone or EV Charging Space: Fine $25

Exceeding posted time limits in a timed lot or parking in a space dedicated to electric vehicle charging longer than posted limits.

Overtime in a Timed Zone is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Parking Where Signs Prohibit: Fine $75

Parking where signs prohibit parking, standing, or stopping.

Parking Where Signs Prohibit is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Outside Designated Space: Fine $75 

More than one vehicle in one designated space, parking in two or more spaces, or creating a space where none exists.

Outside Designated Space is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Parking in Loading Zone/Service Drive: Fine $75 

Parking in loading or service areas where signs prohibit parking.

Parking in Loading Zone/Service Drive is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Yellow Zone: Fine $75 

Parking or standing in an area where curbs or pavement is painted yellow, regardless of whether “No Parking” or signs are posted.

Yellow Zone is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Parking on Sidewalk or Grass: Fine $75

Parking on Sidewalk or Grass is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Handicap Parking Violation: Fine $250 

A vehicle parked within a marked disability parking space must display a valid state-issued disability placard and have a Miami University parking permit when parked on campus.

Failure to display a valid state-issued disability placard is a Parking/Standing Violation.

Immobilization/Impoundment: Fine $200

  1. Excessive parking violations
    1. Any combination of five violations beginning July 1 each year even if all fines have been paid, and the vehicle is parked in violation at time of immobilization or,
    2. Any combination of five violations beginning July 1 each year and the fines are unpaid, even if the vehicle is not in violation at the time of the immobilization.
  2. A violation of “Illegal Use of Permit” and parked in violation at time of immobilization.
  3. Unauthorized removal or damage of an immobilization device. The car is subject to immobilization or impoundment until the device is accounted for or recovered.
  4. After 10 days of immobilization, or less if deemed a safety hazard by University Police, a vehicle will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. Immobilization fees must be paid prior to release of an impounded vehicle. The vehicle owner must pay the towing contractor directly for all fees associated with towing and storage.
  5. Vehicles which have previously been immobilized for excessive violations will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense on subsequent violations. The impoundment fee must be paid prior to the release of an impounded vehicle. The vehicle owner must pay the towing contractor directly for all fees associated with towing and storage.

This Immobilization/Impoundment fine and any outstanding parking fines must be paid prior to the release of the vehicle. Immobilization/Impoundment fees cannot be charged to a student’s Bursar account or payroll deducted.

Students may be referred to the Office of Community Standards and faculty and staff members may be referred to the appropriate personnel office for repeated violations.

Multiple Violations 

  1. A vehicle may receive a Permit Violation and a Parking/Standing Violation in the same instance.
  2. Vehicles that remain parked in violation at the same location for more than three hours after being cited may be cited again.
  3. Vehicles moved to another location after being cited may be cited immediately if parked in violation.

Warning Citation 

Parking enforcement staff may, at their discretion, issue one warning citation for a registration violation per license plate per year (July 1 – June 30). Warning citations will not be counted toward citation totals for immobilization. A warning will not be issued for the following violations:

  1. Illegal use of a permit
  2. Immobilization/Impoundment
  3. Special events (See policy “Motor Vehicle Permits” section “Special Circumstances”)

Payment of Fines

Fines may be paid by (1) a charge through the Bursar [other than fines for Immobilization/Impoundment], (2) check made payable to Miami University [include the citation number on the check to ensure proper credit], or (3) valid credit card. Payment may be sent to Miami University, Office of Parking and Transportation Services, MSC 1094, 301 South Campus Avenue, Nellie Craig Walker Hall, room 34, Oxford, Ohio, 45056 or may be made online through the Parking Services.

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