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Regional Campuses Motor Vehicle Regulations

Scope: Employees, Students, Vendors and Visitors are covered by this policy.


Regional Campuses Motor Vehicle Regulations


Students, faculty, and staff must display current parking permits on their vehicles when parking on any of Miami University’s campuses. Short-term, temporary permits are available at the Office of Business Services at both regional campuses.

These regulations are in effect at all times. All vehicles must be registered by the end of the first week of classes.

Requirements of Permit Holders

An applicant for a permit must present a valid operator’s license at the time an application is filed. These permits will authorize holders to park in student areas on both regional campuses. All students are required to park in legal spaces.

Student permit holders are issued hangtags that must be displayed from the inside rearview mirror. Hangtag permits are transferable to all vehicles owned by the permit holder. Faculty/staff permit holders are issued decals or hangtags that must be properly affixed to the vehicle. Decal permits must be permanently affixed to the inside surface of either windshield at the lower corner on the driver’s side. Hangtag permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror inside the vehicle. Hangtag permits are transferable to all vehicles owned by the permit holder. Card permits must be displayed inside the front windshield.

Only one permit per person is issued on the regional campuses. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen permits.

General Parking Information

The regional campuses have areas designated for faculty/staff, students, visitors, and the handicapped. These areas are clearly marked by signs. Vehicles shall park in designated areas consistent with permit restrictions. Parking outside of permitted areas is a violation and is subject to a fine.

Parking on the Oxford campus

Regional campus students that need to park on the Oxford campus have the following parking options:

  1. Email Parking Services at and request permission to purchase daily commuter permits for $2 each to park in the commuter lots. See the green sections of the Oxford campus parking map. 
  2. Pay to park hourly in the Oxford campus parking garages
  3. Pay to park at the one-hour meters on campus (vehicles must be moved when time expires).
  4. Park on city streets or at city parking meters off campus. 

Students who work or attend classes on any campus are not considered visitors to the Oxford, Hamilton or Middletown campuses and may not purchase visitor permits. 

Regional Campuses Violations

All permits are issued with the understanding that permit holders will abide by the motor vehicle regulations of the University. Below is a list of violations and respective fines:

  1. Unregistered vehicle. Fine: $10
  2. Failure to display valid permit. Fine: $15
  3. Illegal parking in a restricted area or on the grass. Fine: $15
  4. Blocking any access road. Fine: $15
  5. Parking in handicapped zone. Fine: $100
  6. Exceeding 20 mph speed limit. Fine: $30
  7. Hazardous operation. Fine: $75
  8. Disregarding traffic control device. Fine: $15

Repeated violations may subject the offender to immobilization of the vehicle and the loss of parking privileges on the campuses of Miami University. Fines must be paid within three working days of the issuance of the citation. All fines must be paid prior to release of an immobilized vehicle.

Hamilton—pay at the cashier’s office in 102 Mosler Hall.

Middletown—pay at the cashier’s office in 114 Johnston Hall.


Citations or penalties must be appealed in writing to the Office of Business Services on the appropriate regional campus within three working days of the citation date for consideration by the Parking Appeals Board. All decisions of the Parking Appeals Board are final.

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