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The University and the City of Oxford are compact and interdependent, with most locations accessible to pedestrians. Miami University discourages students from bringing cars to Oxford. Students who desire transportation will find that transit services provided by the Butler County Regional Transit Authority provide an efficient alternative to a personal vehicle.

Miami University is not responsible for damage to or theft from motor vehicles or bicycles parked, stored, or operated on University property. Miami University is not responsible for damage to motor vehicles or bicycles and locks incurred during impoundment or immobilization. Note: See policy titled “Bicycle Regulations” for regulations pertaining to bicycles.

This policy applies to the use of motor vehicles in University parking areas, defined in these regulations as streets bordering the Oxford campus, streets through the Oxford campus, Oxford campus parking lots, University parking garages and drives. Parking and Transportation Services may modify restrictions in any area at any time in the course of managing the University’s parking resources.

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