Non-research Animals on Campus

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Employees, Students and Visitors


Non-research animals are generally prohibited on Miami University campuses. Thus, dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals are not permitted in student residence halls and apartments, academic buildings, or other University-owned and University-controlled buildings unless specifically exempted. The following are specifically exempted:

  1. Service animals assisting people with disabilities;
  2. Emotional support animals approved by the Office of Student Disability Services;
  3. Animals used by the Miami University Police Department;
  4. Fish kept as pets in student residence halls and apartments so long as the fish are kept in tanks no larger than five (5) gallons (see the Guide to Residence Hall Living for additional information).
  5. Dogs and cats residing in faculty/staff rental property with the permission of the Vice President for Finance and Business Services or his or her designee. Renters are subject to specific animal provisions in their lease agreements;
  6. Horses stabled at the University Equestrian Center;
  7. Dogs used by the Student Counseling Service for therapeutic purposes.

Faculty, staff, students, and visitors (pet owners) may walk their pets in the open areas of the campuses of Miami University. Pets must be leashed and under control by the pet owner at all times in order to protect the health and safety of the people and pets that are on the campuses of Miami University. Pet owners shall remove and dispose of in a sanitary manner all feces deposited by their pets. Pet owners who choose to bring their pets onto campus agree to bear full responsibility for the conduct and behavior of their animals.

Unattended animals may be seized by animal control or law enforcement. Owners may be fined for unattended and/or unleashed animals.

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