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Classified Staff


This rule is applicable to classified service employees as defined in the Miami University rule 3339-19-05.


For each 80 hours of active pay status during the biweekly pay period, employees who are not appointed to intermittent positions shall accrue vacation at the following rates:

Vacation Accruals
Years of Service Bi-weekly Accrual
0-6 3.10 hours
7-13 4.62 hours
14-23 6.16 hours
24+ 7.70 hours

Employees will begin accruing at the succeeding higher level in the pay period immediately following attainment of years of service requirements. One year of service shall be computed on the basis of twenty-six biweekly pay periods.

Employees who are in active pay status for less than eighty hours in a pay period shall earn vacation leave on a prorated basis. The ratio between the hours reported and the vacation hours earned shall be based upon eighty hours in a pay period and the amount of service as provided for in this rule.

Employees may accrue a maximum of vacation that would be earned in a three-year period. An employee will not accrue vacation while the balance is at the maximum permitted. Employees shall forfeit their right to take or to be paid for any vacation leave to their credit which is in excess of the accrual for three years.

All vacation leave must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor. Vacation leave is taken in fifteen minute increments.

Separation of Employment

Upon separation from the university, an employee with a minimum of one year of unbroken university service shall be entitled to compensation at the employee’s current rate of pay for all lawfully accrued and unused vacation leave to the employee’s credit at the time of separation up to three years. In case of death of an employee with a minimum of one year of university service, such unused vacation leave shall be paid in accordance with section 2113.04 of the Revised Code, or to the employee’s estate.

Prior Service and Transfers

A classified employee who became an employee of the university is entitled to have his/her prior service with other State of Ohio public employers counted as service with the state for purposes of computing the amount of his/her vacation leave and the anniversary date of his/her employment for purposes of this rule. Service time spent in student employment shall not be counted.

When an employee transfers from a position that has been authorized for an annual leave accrual maximum greater than the maximum allowed in this rule, the employee forfeits the right to be credited with the vacation leave that is in excess of the maximum and instead shall receive payment for the excess leave at a rate equal to the employee’s base rate of pay for the position authorizing the greater annual leave accrual maximum.

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