Nursing Mothers

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Employees and Students


Miami University supports mothers who want to express breast milk at work.   On the Oxford Campus, the University maintains three centrally located dedicated “Mothers” Rooms:

  • Health Services Center-Room 160
  • Upham Hall- Room- 52A
  • Cole Service Building Room-144

The Regional Campuses locations are:

  • Hamilton campus-Rentschler Hall-Room 227
  • Middletown Campus-Johnston Hall-Room 005

In addition, departments are to provide a location, to the extent reasonably possible, where an employee can express breast milk in private. The location can be the employee’s private office, a private office not in use, or any area other than a bathroom where the employee can have privacy from others.

Departments are to ensure, to the extent reasonably possible, the availability of cold storage space.  The employee may provide her own portable cold storage device or have access to a refrigerator located in the department or building.

The time needed to express milk is paid time if it occurs during work hours. The expectation is that the employee can express milk during rest periods and lunch breaks. If additional time is needed, supervisors are encouraged to grant reasonable flexible scheduling to accommodate the need.

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