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Vice presidents may recommend to the President professional development or educational leaves, at full or reduced salary, for members of the unclassified administrative staff; such leaves must be for the purpose of professional development that will enhance the staff member’s ability to perform Miami University administrative functions. Such activities will typically involve formal training programs sponsored by other universities or conducted under the sponsorship of professional associations or societies. Normally, a professional development or educational leave will not be granted for the purpose of pursuing a degree (see the policy “Personal Leave”). All professional development and educational leaves of absence are subject to the approval of the President. Applications for such leaves must be made to the appropriate vice president at least six (6) months prior to the beginning date of the requested leave. If a leave is granted, vacation and sick leave credits shall not be accrued or used during the period of the leave.  Retirement contributions will be made only as allowed by STRS, PERS, PERS-LE, or the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP).

A request for a leave should detail the activities proposed, the duration of the leave, and the significance of the proposed activities for the mission of the University. The request must also indicate how the department will cover the individual’s job responsibilities during the leave.

Individuals receiving a leave are obligated to remain at Miami University during the ensuing fiscal year following the leave and to make a full report of the results of the assignment to their supervisor, their department head, and the appropriate vice president within ninety (90) days of the completion of the leave. If an individual chooses not to return to Miami during the ensuing fiscal year, he or she must refund the compensation received from Miami during the leave.

Recipients of leaves may receive money for approved study or research or other activities expressly related to the purpose of the leave without prejudice to their receipt of income from Miami, provided that the total remuneration from all sources (including Miami) does not exceed the recipient’s annual Miami University salary.

In addition to salary, special arrangements may be made for grants to defray travel and similar incidental expenses. These arrangements must be approved in advance of the leave.

Questions regarding the program and its guidelines should be addressed to the appropriate personnel office.

Attendance at Professional Meetings

Miami University is firmly committed to a policy of encouraging staff members to continue professional development through attendance at professional meetings and conferences. To participate in such meetings an individual must make advance arrangements for classes and other University responsibilities, these arrangements to be acceptable to the department chair or other supervisor.

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