Evaluation and Reappointment of the Provost

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Academic Administrators


The Provost wishing reappointment will be evaluated during the fifth year of service using a questionnaire distributed to all faculty and academic administrators. A committee of three elected from and by all academic deans will be involved in drafting the questionnaire in cooperation with the President. The committee will review the specific results of the evaluation in confidence with the President. A summary of the results of the evaluation will be given to the Provost. Barring a request by the Provost not to be reappointed, a summary of the results will be distributed to all academic deans, and department chairs, who will share them with their faculty. The reappointment decision will be made by the President; however, reappointment will normally be made in conformity with the judgment of the deans, and department chairs. The Provost may be removed at any time by the President for cause.

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