Prohibiting Faculty from Teaching or Serving as an Assigned Advisor to Immediate Family Members

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

Instructional Staff and Students


In order to ensure the most objective evaluation of degree-seeking students, faculty members are prohibited from teaching members of their immediate family in credit-bearing courses offered by the University. Similarly, faculty members are prohibited from serving as a formal advisor for an immediate family members, especially those seeking advanced degrees (Masters or Ph.D.). Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may seek an exception to this policy by making a written request to the dean of the respective college, indicating why an exception is warranted. In the event that the dean is teaching the course in question or has a potential conflict of interest, the written request should be submitted to the Provost. In those instances in which an exception must be made (e.g. the course is not taught by anyone other than the faculty family member) every effort must be undertaken to have the student’s course work evaluated by another faculty member.

For the purpose of this policy, “immediate family” includes the following relatives, regardless of where they reside:

  1. spouse;
  2. children [whether dependent or not];
  3. siblings;
  4. parents;
  5. grandparents; and
  6. grandchildren.

It also includes any other person related by blood or by marriage and living in the same household.

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Ohio Ethics Law

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 Amended July 2019

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