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The University does not permit the use of overload teaching nor any other form of extra compensation as a recruiting inducement.

For all fulltime, non-visiting members of the faculty in a department, overload teaching is equally available. Overload teaching remains available to all instructional faculty on an as-needed basis.

Overload teaching during the fall and spring semesters is available only to faculty in a department who are already teaching a “normal load” as defined by the department chair with the approval of the divisional dean. Persons not teaching a “normal load” as so defined are not eligible for overload assignments since it is assumed that anyone teaching less than a “normal load” has been granted this privilege to engage in some other scholarly or worthwhile endeavor.

Fulltime administrators may receive, on the same basis as members of the faculty, additional compensation for instructional duties if the services rendered are outside normal responsibilities, and if the contracting administrator (e.g., summer workshop coordinator) does not report directly or indirectly to the administrator receiving additional compensation. For example, a dean may not receive additional compensation for a program involving his or her division. The arrangement for additional compensation must specifically be approved by the President prior to the time services are rendered. This policy may be waived under special circumstances with the approval of the President.

The President and the vice presidents may not receive any additional compensation for any programs dealing with Miami University.

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