Summer and Winter Term Teaching

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Summer and Winter Term teaching is equally available to all full-time members of the faculty in a department with the approval of the divisional dean. While departmental policy and curricular needs may further specify eligibility:

  1. no rank will be systematically discriminated against in the selection of eligible faculty;
  2. non-visiting full-time faculty will be given priority over visiting, full-time faculty; and
  3. faculty members may not be required to teach during the Summer or Winter Term.

The University does not permit the use of “guaranteed” Summer or Winter Term teaching as a recruiting inducement.

During the winter term, faculty may not teach more than four formal course credits. The only exception to the four-credit maximum teaching load policy is for winter workshops; these exceptions are evaluated in the workshop approval process. Other exceptions to the four credit hour limit may only be made when there is high demand for an additional course or section of a course and no other faculty are available and willing to teach that course other than those already scheduled to teach a single section of a winter course.  These exceptions must be approved by the faculty member’s department chair or program director, academic dean, and provost.

Summer and Winter Term courses are normally designated as “enrollment contingent” (go/no go). Summer and Winter Term instructional staff will receive an appointment specifying the nature and contingencies of the service.

Policy establishing the pay schedule and the maximum limits on earnings for the Summer and Winter Term instruction shall be made University wide. No division may impose limits at variance with University policy.

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