Retirement with Rehiring Contracts

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Tenured Faculty


Tenured members of the faculty, with the approval of the department chair/program director, appropriate dean, and the Provost, may participate in the University’s Retirement with Rehiring Program during the first three consecutive academic years following their retirement.

The faculty member should apply to the department chair/program director or, as appropriate, the Dean of the Regional Campuses for retirement with rehiring at least six (6) months prior to retirement. The reemployment period may not begin until sixty (60) days after the faculty member’s effective date of retirement.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Program, a faculty member must begin reemployment during the academic year immediately following retirement. Retired faculty participating in the Program are evaluated each year and must request an assignment for each year of the Program. The department chair/program director with the approval of the appropriate dean determines whether to offer a teaching assignment based on academic resources and needs, including instructional needs and individual performance.  Assignments (e.g., first and/or second semester, courses to be taught) are made on an annual basis and determined by the department chair/program director or, as appropriate, the Dean of the Regional Campuses.

Reemployment may be for a full teaching load for one semester or one-half (½) load for two semesters.  Reemployment appointments are made on an annual basis and cannot exceed twelve (12) credit hours per fiscal year. Reemployed faculty are not eligible for any additional University employment for overload teaching, administrative assignment, workshops, or any other service.

The retired faculty member’s salary during each year of the Program shall be three percent (3%) of the person’s pre-retirement salary per credit hour.

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